Tina Johnson


Tina, a member of the Citizen Band Potawatami, has a long history of working with medical facilities. She is a certified medical assistant and nursing assistant. She has had advanced training for high risk-patients with diabetes / hypertension, evaluation training for children at high-risk for alcohol / drug use, intervention and HIV counselor training. Tina has been a board member for a Head Start Program through California Rural Indian Health and has worked with the Indian Health Agency as well as a geriatric / rehabilitative housing facility with a high population of Native Americans.

Tina has been raised with the philosophy and knowledge of a Native American family and traditions. She has experienced both reservation and rural life in a Native American population. Tina is a mother and an educator by nature. She represents what many are living today, attempting to maintain a precious heritage while living in a multi-cultural world. Tina is committed to preserving that philosophy and those traditions, helping the next generation develop self-confidence and pride while living in main stream society.

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